(465) “a bar of soap / a cake of soap ?” #2 [調べる]

“a bar of soap / a cake of soap ?” #2


what do you think of the following?


When you go to the grocery store, please buy ( ) soap for me.

(A) a piece of (B) a (C) a bar of (D) a pair of

  The right answer is (C) a bar of.


Is this the only right answer? I remember that I was taught “a cake of soap” is right. It was more than
40 years ago at school in Japan. But the strange thing is since then I’ve never
heard of this phrase being told, nor read in books in my life.


On the contrary, I often see “a bar of soap” in place of “a cake of soap”.

The latest example I read is from a picture book of Miffy.


She took a bar of soap,

And her soft yellow sponge.

s miffy soap.jpg


Which is right, “a bar of soap” or “a cake of soap”?


Both are right. But there is a big difference between the two. The difference is much larger number of people use “a bar of soap” than “a cake of soap”

Yahoo Japan 知恵袋 2009/9/2015

the_round_square_triangleさん searched on "A ...???... of soap".




a bar of soap 865,000

a piece of soap 39,300

a cake of soap 28,600

a block of soap 993

a tablet of soap 471 has many comments on this question.

I show you two of them.


Kelly B said:

A quick curious google on "cake of soap" yields results from Australia, mostly.


Ferntree Gully, Aug 24, 2006 Australian Australia replied to this:

This is a strange combination for us Aussies.

 We use a cake of soap in the bathroom and a bar of soap in the laundry.

 I have not purchased a bar of soap recently but memory is that the bar of laundry or hard soap is
shaped like a gold bar. It is angular and has sharp edges.

 Cakes of bathroom or soft soap are softer in shape with curved sides and blunt edges.



padredeocho, Aug 25, 2006 United States said:

In the USA, we would never say cake of soap. If I were leaving the house, and my wife said, Could you pick
up some soap?
I would assume she probably meant a pack of soap bars for the bath and shower. If she wanted any other kind of soap, she would tell me what kind, i.e. dishwashing soap, handsoap, etc.


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