(467) Osayo legend 2 [英作文]

Osayo legend

Once upon a time, or should I say more precisely it was about 400 years ago. There were a couple of lovers here in Matsuyama. In those days, samurai class ruled over other three classes. One is farming
peasants, another is artisans and merchants. In this story I’m going to tell, the couple maybe belonged to farming peasants’ class, I imagine.

The young woman’s name was Osayo and her fiancé was Yoshimatsu. One night the couple went to Unshoji-temple’s summer festival. A big bon-dance was going to be held in that year. That year’s festival was very special. The temple was located at the foot of Katsuyama-hill but the lord of Matsuyama allowed to use the top of the hill for the festival
because in that summer the construction of the castle on the hill just started. The lord announced there would be a big summer dance festival. So the townsfolk were all encouraged to join in the celebration.

On the night, a good many people, the old and the young, men and women gathered there in droves. Especially young men were overjoyed with this dance festival. Some loved dancing with maidens. Some tried
making a pass at them.

Osayo was a young and beautiful maiden. She was so attractive that she stood out from others. So her fiancé, Yoshiatsu had to keep an eye on her all the time. After joyful dancing, they took a rest for a while. She said she wanted to see some of food vendors. There were various stalls around the dace site. She run to one of the stalls. The dance site was so crowded with the townsfolk. Osayo got separated from him for a moment. And the next moment, Yoshimatsu lost sight of her. He didn’t get so upset in the beginning. But she was missing after all. He looked for her around the vendor. He completely lost all trace of her.

Once stepped out of the festival site, there was only pitch darkness of castle hill. He gradually got uneasy and finally he began to shout her name. The strange thing was that nobody saw her ever after. She
disappeared very mysteriously. He looked desperately for her
all around in the mountain, through the night, but ended in vain.

After a little while, they rumored that Osayo was taken away to be sacrificed at the construction site of the castle.

What do you think of this story? I think it was true. I believe this story. I have two reasons.

One is that the ground of the top hill was not firm so the chief carpenter of the castle construction insisted that human sacrifice, young maiden, was needed for laying the firm foundation.

Another reason is that the lord searched for a suitable maiden but nobody volunteered to be a human sacrifice because the townsfolk were horrified to be buried alive under the foundation.

The top of the hill was originally twin peaks. The area in between was filled to make the flat ground. This is true, you can see the deep well on the top of hill even now. It’s a 44 m deep well. It’s impossible to dig this deep in samurai’s era. The fact is, before the construction, there was a spring at the bottom of ravine. When the land was filled in, it became today’s 44 m-deep well. So laying foundation for the castle was the most important work.

So the lord planed the big summer dance festival on the top of
the hill to find a suitable maiden.

What a scary story!

Osayo was offered as human sacrifice to pray to the deity for safe construction. But several bad things continued after her death, I think.

Yes, finally the magnificent castle main tower was built, it had five roofs and stories. It took 25 years to complete the castle construction. But just before its completion the lord was ordered to transfer to the northern Japan. He was unlucky, after all. Because he had to leave his adorable castle behind.

The second lord came to Matsuyama, but he died 7 years later without leaving any heir. He became another unhappy lord, I think.

The third load rebuilt the main tower, but it became 3 story castle. The main tower became smaller, for unknown reasons. And one more thing, about 180 years later from Osayo’s death the main tower was struck by lightning and burned down. What would Osayo feel about these things occurred around Matsuyama Castle? Is she still angry?

Reconstruction of present structure was completed in 1854. Now
Matsuyama castle has become one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Matsuyama city. Osayo-san, thank you very much for the price you paid. Now many people love Matsuyama castle.

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