(438) Isaniwa shrine [調べる]

(438) Isaniwa shrine (伊佐爾波神社 愛媛県松山市)

We are going to Isaniwa shrine. It is an old building of Shinto. Shito is a native religion of Japan. Most of other religions in Japan are from abroad. In Shinto there is no founder, no scripture. People believed that gods lived in many objects such as mountains, rocks, ponds, rivers and trees. People worshiped nature as well as ancestors.

This is Torii gate of Isaniwa shrine. If you find a Torii, you are probably in a Shinto shrine.

isaniwa torii ml.jpg
It separates the sacred world from the ordinary world. It’s polite not to go through the center of the Torii. The center is for the Shinto deities.

1. What does Isaniwa mean?
It is presumed that the shrine was first enshrined at the top of Dogo Park hill. The place was called Isaniwa. Isaniwa is the same as Saniwa、沙庭(さにわ), meaning clean ritual garden.

There are 135 steps up to the shrine. Please watch your step. It’s steep.
Here is a pair of stone guardian dogs. 

komainu ml2.jpg komainu ml1.jpg

They guard the shrine from the evil spirits. One has an open mouth and the other, closed mouth. They symbolize birth and death.

chouzusha ml.JPG

Here we are the purification place. People purify themselves before going to the main hall to pray. Please copy what I do.

2. What kind of deities are enshrined here?
Guardian deities of the Matsuyama Castle are enshrined.
Divinity of archery and war are also enshrined here.

In the 14 century, Kono-shi, a powerful clan, had the shrine moved to the present place. When Yoshiaki Kato, a feudal lord, appointed eight shrines as guardian deities of the Matsuyama Castle
later, he designated this shrine as the first one for the fortune of war.

3. Who are the deities[ːəṭi-] this shrine is dedicated to?
Ojin-tenno(Emperor Ojin) 15代天皇、応神天皇(おうじんてんのう)誉田別命(ほんだわけのみこと)とも呼ばれる。八幡神(やはたのかみ、はちまんじん)

and his parents are enshrined here with three goddesses relating to water.
Emperor Ojin is also called Hachiman deity.

Since ancient times Hachiman was worshiped by peasants as the god of agriculture and by fishermen who hoped he would fill their nets with much fish.


Ojin                                  Chuai                      Jingu

4. When was this shrine built?
The building you see now were built in the 17th century. Sadanaga Matsudaira, the fifth feudal lord of Matsuyama rebuilt it.

5. What is the legend about this shrine?
Sadanaga Matsudaira, the lord of Matsuyama Castle, was ordered to shoot an arrow at the coming competition held in Edo Castle in 1662.

As he was a master archer, he didn’t want to lose his reputation. He offered a fervent prayer for the success to the gods. He promised to build the same building as Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine in
Kyoto when he was able to succeed to hit the target. One night, Hachiman deity appeared in his dream and said, “Follow my instructions, and you’ll be able to hit the target.”


On the day of the horseback archery competition, among the whole company, he put an arrow to his bow, drew his bow to its full extent and prayed. Suddenly he saw a golden pigeon flying in front of him. As soon as he realized it, he shot the bow. The arrow hit the center of the target. He succeeded to win the competition with fame. After coming back to Matsuyama, he summoned special carpenters from Hida area, and had the new building of this shrine built as he had promised.

Hachiman deity’s symbolic animal and messenger is the dove.


6. How to pray.
I’ll show you how to pray at a Shinto shrine. First ring the bell to announce your arrival and call up the spirits of deities. Then offer whatever amount of money you want to. Then make deep bow twice, and clap your hands twice. And make a wish. Finally bow deeply once again.

bell ml.jpg saisenbako ml.jpg

7. Omikuji
Omikuji are fortune telling slips. Theseare usually received by making a small offering (100yen here, in Isaniwa) and randomly choosing one from a box, hoping for the resulting fortune to be good.

omikuji1 ml.JPG

The o-mikuji is folded, and unfolding the piece of paper reveals the fortune written on it. “A written Oracle” is an Omikuji with English translation.


These are classified into 大吉(だいきち)excellent luck, 中吉(ちゅうきち)good luck, 吉(きち)modereately luck, 凶(きょう)bad luck, 大凶(だいきょう)terribly bad luck.

It then lists fortunes regarding specific aspects of one's life, as follows:

願事 (negaigoto) wish / one's wish or desire
待人 (machibito) expected visitor / a person being waited for
失物(usemono) missing thing / lost article(s)
旅立ち (tabidachi) travel
商い (akinai) business / business dealings
学問 (gakumon) study / studies or learning
相場 (sōba) speculation / market speculation
争事 (arasoigoto) game and match / disputes
恋愛 (renai) love / romantic relationships
転居 (tenkyo) removal / moving or changing residence
出産 (shussan) childbirth / childbirth, delivery
病気 (byōki) illness
縁談 (endan) marriage proposal / marriage proposal or engagement

When the prediction is bad, it is a custom to fold up the strip of paper and attach it to a pine tree or a wall of metal wires alongside other bad fortunes in the temple or shrine grounds. Please pray to the deity to make it a good one.

omikuji2 ml.JPG


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(437) Highlights of Trip to LEX America [英作文]

437) Highlights of Trip to LEX America


I’d like to talk about my trip to Boston.
(Today, I’d like to talk about my Boston trip.)
오늘은 나의 보스턴 여행에 대해 이야기하고 싶습니다.
おヌルン 萎(な)え ボストン 世変(よへん)ぎ 出屁(でへ) E山羊(いやぎ)はご 詩(し)ぷ住(すむ)にだ。

LEX 미국으로 여행의 하이라이트
歴(れき)す 見具(みぐ)ぐろ 世変化(よへんげ) ハイライトゥ

1. 나는 이메일로 물었다.
1いる.ナぬん E-メールる ぶろ(風呂)った

2. 브라키오사우루스 공룡 헤어 공항에있다.
2いー.ブラ気宇サウルス 子(こ)ん魚(ぎょ)ん 尾(お)へ世(よ) 湖畔(こはん)げいった

3. 나는 거의 Natic 센터에서 기차를 놓쳤다.
3さむ.ナぬん 古碑(こひ) ネイテック 遷都(せんと) 壊疽(えそ) 汽(き)ちゃる 路(ろ)ちゃった

4. 렉스 미국 캠브리지 언어 클럽에서 늦게( 도착했다.
4さー.歴(れき)す 見具(みぐ)く ケンブリッジ 斧(おの) クラブ壊疽(えそ) 抜(ぬ)け と茶(ちゃ)けった

5. 여자는 미국 수화로 자신을 소개했다.
5おー.よじゃぬん 見具(みぐ)く 座(すわ)ろ 刺(さ)しぬん 削(そ)げ選(え)った。

6. 마지막으로 다시는 엘리자베스를 만나 잊어 버린 컴퓨터 충전기를 얻을 있습니다.
6よー.まじマグロ 足(た)しぬん エリザベスる 万名(まんな)で 異常慕倫(いじょぽりん) コンピューター ちゅんジョンギル 尾(お)でぃす 椅(い)っ子無二(すむに)だ

1. Making plan of trip by exchanging e-mails. (I asked by e-mail.)

 1. 나는 이메일로 물었다.

2. Brachiosaurus Dinosaur skeleton model at O’Hare Airport
(Brachiosaurus Dinosaur is at O’Hare Airport.)
 2. 브라키오사우루스 공룡 헤어 공항에있다.

3. Which side is the inbound station of Natic center?
(I almost missed the train at Natic center.)
 3. 나는 거의 Natic 센터에서 기차를 놓쳤다.

4. I arrived late at LEX America Cambridge language club.
 4. 렉스 미국 캠브리지 언어 클럽에서 늦게 도착했다.

5. A girl introduced herself in American Sign Language.
 5. 여자는 미국 수화로 자신을 소개했다.                               

6. Finally I could meet again Elizabeth and get my forgotten computer charger.
 6. 마지막으로 다시는 엘리자베스를 만나 잊어 버린 컴퓨터 충전기를 얻을 있습니다.

April 21st I sent an e-mail to LEX America,

 Now I’m planning a trip to Boston in summer.If possible, I’d like to join Cambridge LANGUAGE club activity at that time.Do you close the club activity during summer vacation?

April 22nd I got a reply from Kate of LEX America. 

It's great to hear that you are planning to visit Boston this summer. As of now1), we don't have any plans to cancel clubs during the summer.
1) 今現在 

Jun. 14, I let Kate know which club I’ll attend.

I’d like to visit Thursday club on July 9 with my daughter, Yuki. We’ll arrive at Porter of Red Line at 15:48. Could somebody kindly pick us up at the station?

Jun. 16, I got an e-mail from Kate

Unfortunately, I will be on vacation during your visit and there won't be anyone available to pick you up. If you are okay to walk, the office is about a 15-20 minute walk from Porter Square. I will let Yoko and Elizabeth know to expect you on the 9th.

00 bl Boston Map sss.jpg
I left Narita airport on the 8th. I transferred planes at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. I saw a big dinosaur bones there. I was lucky to see it, but I didn’t take a picture of it. I learned of this dinosaur on the Internet when I returned to Japan.

01 bl chicago.jpg
One of the largest mounted dinosaurs in the world is not found in a museum but right here at O'Hare. The four-story high, 72-foot-long Brachiosaurus skeleton model is on loan from Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. You can't miss the Brachiosaurus dinosaur located on the upper level of Terminal 1 in Concourse B.

02 bl brachiosaurus.jpgウエブより借用
Brachiosaurus Dinosaur is displayed at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, Terminal 1 located just after the security check. Our Brachiosaurus is one of the largest mounted dinosaurs in the world. The four-story high, 72-foot long skeleton model is on loan from the Chicago Field Museum.

02 bl brachiosaurus恐竜.jpg
I visited Mathworks at Natic in the morning. Then I moved to LEX America in the afternoon. I almost missed the inbound train to South Station. I was on the wrong side of rails. The man waiting at the other side let us know the train wouldn’t come into our side. We hurried to move to the other side. We got on the train from the ground not from platform.
02 bl LEX America Map s.jpg

02 bl natic center.jpg

At South Station we changed trains. I had to buy a ticket from the machine but I couldn’t operate it. So I asked the officer how to do it. The officer was taking care of other woman for the ticket
so we had to wait for a while. We spent more a few minutes than we expected at this station so we were about 15 minutes late to arrive LEX America Cambridge language club.

03 bl lex america.jpg
They were playing a game of Seven Steps. We joined them and dance to Jellicoe. One of members did self introduction in ASL. I became happy because I am also learning Japanese sign language. I introduce myself in Japanese sign language and English.

08 bl lex america.jpg
Fortunately I met Yoko on the way to Porter Square. She asked if I had forgotten my charger in the office. She kindly called Elizabeth and let me know at nearby park Elizabeth would drive to and I can get my charger from her. But I couldn’t meet her, so I walked back to the office. Finally I could meet again Elizabeth. She also drove back to the office. When I came back to my home, I knew her e-mail had reached at that time.

It said as follows,
Subject: Re: wasuremono!

I will leave it in a bag on the door of our office in case you can come back for it tonight.  if the front door to the building is locked you can come in through the Italian restaurant, Gran Gusto.  Tomorrow I might be in the office or working from home but you'll be able to get it even if I'm not here.


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(436) The 23rd WSJ [英作文]

(436) The 23rd WSJ

1. Do you know what’s WSJ?
These letters stand for the World Scout Jamboree. The 23rd World Scout Jamboree was hosted in Japan from Tuesday, 28th July to Saturday, 8th August 2015. Its participants are male and female Scouts aged 14 to 17 years old.

2. Where was the Jamboree site?
The 23rd World Scout Jamboree was held in Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi, Japan.Kirara-hama is a reclaimed land in Yamaguchi City, which s located in the western part of Honsu, extending about 1km from north to south and 3 km from east to west (286 ha), and is equipped with developed facilities and parks. Kirara-hama was the site for Japan Expo Yamaguchi in 2001.
wsj site.jpg

3. What did the scouts do there?
About 34 thousand scouts gathered from 155 countries all over the world actively discuss and think about global issues such as peace and international understanding. Participants developed physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually through large-scale camping experience in an international environment supported by adults.
wsj what scouts did.jpg

4. How many people in Ehime joined the Jamboree?
60 scouts and 34 adult leaders participated the Jamboree.
wsj ehime.jpg

5. What did I do for the Jamboree?
Home hospitality was one of the programs of the Jamboree. In Ehime a home hospitality program was offered after the Jamboree. Thirty scouts for the UK and 199 scouts from Australia were going to visit cities in Ehime prefecture. I helped Matsuyama’s staffs to communicate to Australian staffs when 7 buses carried those scouts. On the last day of the Jamboree I saw a closing ceremony.
wsj what i did.jpg

6. Home hospitality
Scouts from abroad stayed with Scout families for 2-3 day. Through this home hospitality program scouts from overseas deepened their understanding of Japanese culture, customs and way of
life, and cultivated mutual understanding.
wsj home stay.jpg

7. Useful Phrases to start conversation
Hello. What’s your name? Where are you from? Thank you.
wsj useful phrases.jpg

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(435) Word: CONVOY [英単語]

(435) Word: CONVOY

Definition of Convoy

Noun. A procession of land vehicles
traveling together.

I heard an Australian women say this word “convoy” when 7 buses were going to transport 200 scouts from Yamaguchi to Ehime prefecture. I got on one of the buses.

She said “Bus convoy or something. This word was new to me but I could guess its meaning. We staggered buses’ departure times so they were not riding close to each other.

Example sentence with convoy
Bus convoy.jpg

Keeping your coaches1) together while in transit may sound like a great idea but it’s not. Some of the worst accidents involving buses have been due to a convoy. When two coaches carrying 40 plus people are riding2) very close to each other it is a recipe3) for disaster. Most industry experts recommend staggering4) your departure times to put the most amount of distance between your coaches.

Another example sentence with “convoy” is the next.

And they're off! The convoy took off from Frontier to New Brunswick.

bus convoy took off.jpg

When I was young I might see of this poster or the name of this drama. That’s why I can guess this word “convoy

Convoy (1978)
110 min |  Action, Drama  |  10
June 1978 (Japan)
Truckers form a mile long "convoy" in support of a trucker's vendetta5) with an abusive sheriff...Based on the country song of same title by C.W. McCall.


1) coach 〈英〉長距離バス
2) ride 〔自動車が〕~のように走る
3) recipe [résəː]recipe for a disastera ~》〔危険な選択などを評して〕災害のレシピ、惨事を招く行為
4) stagger [stˈægɚ]
5) vendetta [vendéṭə] 長期にわたる不和,抗争

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