(442) 松山城ガイド1 [調べる]

(442) 松山城ガイド1


Pic 01 全体図 印.jpg
pic. 01

Hair pin bend and the Doorless Gate
pic 02 番所跡 矢印.jpg
Pic. 02
番所跡 矢印

  A guard post1) was located in this place. Ancient records say that 3 people were stationed there. This place was strategically very important, because two roads meet here. One is from
Shinonome district through the east gate. The other is from the second bailey2) (Ninomaru) through the west gate. And from here this slope leads up to the strongest gates, Tsutsui(
筒井門) and Kakure Gates(隠門), which protect the main castle from the enemy.

1) guard post
2) bailer [béili] 〔城の〕外壁

pic 03 webから.jpg
Pic. 03 web
  By the way, I’m sure you can take a best picture of the castle from here. This place is one of the best photographing points.


pic 04 工事中.jpg
Pic. 04

  We will turn a hair pin bend to the next gate, Tonashimon, meaning a doorless gate. There are two tricks along the path to the Doorless Gate. The first trick is this hair pin bend. The enemy can be separated into two groups at this corner.

pic 05 hair pin.jpg
pic. 05 hair pin

They have to decide which way they should go. Some of them go straight, leading to a dead end. The rest of them turn right to the Doorless Gate. This gate was originally built with no doors. Many people say it was built doorless on purpose. There is the second trick here.

pic 06 戸無門.jpg
pic. 06

The second trick was that the enemy who were caught in the cross-fire down there could pass through the Doorless Gate without any obstruction and gather around the next gate, Tsutsui Gate with a sigh of relief. But the gate is the strongest fortification3) of the castle.

3) fortification

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(441) like colors [英単語]

(441) like colors
like colors.jpg
The words I picked up tonight are “like colors”. The meaning of like here is similar. I saw these words in a tag of reusable grocery bag1) that I bought the other day.
It reads,
 “Machine wash cold with like colors,
lay flat to dry. May shrink slightly
and fabric colors may run2).”

1) 買い物袋
2) 〔衣類などの染料が〕落ちる、脱落する

I looked it up in a dictionary.

Oxford English Mini Dictionary 8/E (P)

Oxford English Mini Dictionary 8/E (P)

  • 作者: Charlotte Buxton
  • 出版社/メーカー: Oxford University Press (Japan) Ltd.
  • 発売日: 2013/05/08
  • メディア: ペーパーバック

Oxford English mini dictionary says

‘Like’ means


1. similar to


1. find pleasant or satisfactory


In the same way that


1. (the like) things of the same kind,

Adj. similar


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