(462) Word/communicate [英単語]


I read a picture book about communication a few weeks ago. I’d like to show you several phases from the book.

What is communication? There are three simple answers in the book.

1. Communication is sharing knowledge.
2. It is telling news.
3. It is expressing feelings, and being heard.

Second, what condition is needed to communicate?

It takes two to communicate.
One to say it. One to listen…and respond.

But there are other occasions to communicate. Here are two examples in the book.

1. We sometimes communicate with ourselves.
Sometimes when a feeling is fresh, it is hard to explain it to someone else. So I
communicate with myself. 
I write it in my dictionary. It helps me understand what is troubling me.

2. Even a book can communicate your feelings to you.



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(460) Word/ Wretch [英単語]

Word/ Wretch

amazing grace.jpg

Amazing grace is a famous song of gospel. In its words I found a word ‘wretch’. I didn’t know the meaning of this word.

‘Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!’

I thought this word is hard for me. So I'll have no chance to use this word by myself.
  The other day I happened to see a similar word,’ wretched’ in a picture book for children. I can guess its meaning because I knew of
wretch. So I changed my mind to that I should learn this word, wretched as an English learner. 

1. Meaning:
 (1) wretch [rétʃ]: a poor, unhappy person (Oxford wordpower dictionary)
      Old-fashioned someone that you feel sorry for (Longman Active Study Dictionary)

 (2) wretched [rétʃɪd]: Very unhappy (Oxford wordpower dictionary)
      Someone who is wretched is very unhappy or ill, and you feel sorry for
      Them (Longman Active Study Dictionary)

 2. How to use these words:
 (1) The poor wretch was clearly starving. (Oxford wordpower dictionary)
 (2) “No one shall tell me that I was once a mouse!” But an old hermit1), mighty at
magic does tell him; for it was he who first changed the tiger from a
wretched little mouse to a stout2) cat, to a big dog, and finally, to his proud and royal self.
(picture book named Once A Mouse

1) hermit/ 
2) stout/ 頑丈な,丈夫な,強い

Once a Mouse...

Once a Mouse...

  • 作者: Marcia Brown
  • 出版社/メーカー: Aladdin
  • 発売日: 1989/09/30
  • メディア: ペーパーバック




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(452) WORD: foil [英単語]

(452) WORD: foil

Gracie Foiled An Attempted Burglary1), But Then
Chased the Would-Be-Robber Into The Streets.

迷い犬 グレーシー“

Lost: Lost and Found Pet Posters from Around the World

Lost: Lost and Found Pet Posters from Around the World

  • 作者: Ian Phillips
  • 出版社/メーカー: Princeton Architectural Press
  • 発売日: 2002/04
  • メディア: ペーパーバック


[often passive] to stop something from happening, especially something illegal;
to prevent somebody from doing something

foil something to foil a plan/crime/plot

Customs officials1) foiled an attempt to smuggle2) the paintings out of the country.

(1) customs official: 税関検査官、税関吏、税関職員
(2) smuggle:

foil somebody (in something)

They were foiled in their attempt to smuggle the paintings.

Customs officials foiled an attempt to smuggle priceless paintings out of the country.

The burglary was foiled by a passer-by3) who called the police.
(3) passer-by:


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(446) Word/ Gap [英単語]

(446) Word/ Gap 
穴埋め問題をgap-fill exerciseと言うようだ。日本語のギャップは貧富の間とか、理論と実際との間にギャップがあるいった意味で使われていることが多いと思う。だから、「隙間」とか、「空白」といった意味で、確かに辞書に載っているが、この意味で使われている英文を見ると、少し、正直戸惑う。

The word I chose to talk about is “Gap”.When I looked it up in the Oxford learner’s dictionary, its first meaning is ‘a space between two things or in the middle of something, especially because there is a part missing’. This definition sounds new to me. So it took a few moments for me to get the meaning of the phrase “gap-fill exercise” .

01 gap fill exercise.jpg
Pic. Gap fill exercise

Another example is in a story of the ugly duckling;

The duckling found a little cottage. It was very old and the door was falling off. This left a gap

just big enough for the duckling to creep inside out of the cold.

02 gap for the duckling.jpg
Pic. Gap for the duckling

In Japanese there is a word ‘gyappu’ as a loan word from English word ‘gap’. Its meaning is the same as another meaning of gap. The second meaning of ‘gap’ is;
a difference that separates people, or their opinions, situation, etc.

the gap between rich and poor

the gap between theory and practice  

I can easily follow these usages, but I was a little bit surprised to see the picture of gap in a picture dictionary.

03 gap between teeth.jpg
Pic. Gap between teeth

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(444) Word/ dinghy [英単語]

(444) Word/ dinghy

The word I chose spells “DINGHY”.
It is pronounced [díŋ(g)i].
Dinghy is defined as follows:

1. Noun. (nautical) A small open boat, propelled by oars or paddles, carried as a tender, lifeboat, or pleasure craft on a ship ¹

01 tender.jpg
Pic. 01 Tender

2. Noun. (nautical) An inflatable rubber life raft ¹

02 inflatable.jpg
Pic. 02 Inflatable

03 dinghy.jpg
pic. 03 dinghy

¹ Source:

I take an example sentence with dinghy.

A family from Gateshead, Newcastle, are rescued by firefighters in a
dinghy after heavy rains flood their home.

04 firefighter in a dinghy.jpg
Pic. 04 Firefighter in a dinghy

  Heavy rain from a tropical storm caused severe flooding in eastern Japan in last September. The Kinu River’s embankment collapsed. On the same day I happened to see a children’s book named “the flood” at my friend’s home. What a coincidence! I found this word “dinghy”. This word was new to me.

05 flood.jpg
Pic. 05 The flood



  • 作者: Roderick Hunt
  • 出版社/メーカー: Oxford University Press
  • 発売日: 2011/01/01
  • メディア: ペーパーバック


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(441) like colors [英単語]

(441) like colors
like colors.jpg
The words I picked up tonight are “like colors”. The meaning of like here is similar. I saw these words in a tag of reusable grocery bag1) that I bought the other day.
It reads,
 “Machine wash cold with like colors,
lay flat to dry. May shrink slightly
and fabric colors may run2).”

1) 買い物袋
2) 〔衣類などの染料が〕落ちる、脱落する

I looked it up in a dictionary.

Oxford English Mini Dictionary 8/E (P)

Oxford English Mini Dictionary 8/E (P)

  • 作者: Charlotte Buxton
  • 出版社/メーカー: Oxford University Press (Japan) Ltd.
  • 発売日: 2013/05/08
  • メディア: ペーパーバック

Oxford English mini dictionary says

‘Like’ means


1. similar to


1. find pleasant or satisfactory


In the same way that


1. (the like) things of the same kind,

Adj. similar


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(435) Word: CONVOY [英単語]

(435) Word: CONVOY

Definition of Convoy

Noun. A procession of land vehicles
traveling together.

I heard an Australian women say this word “convoy” when 7 buses were going to transport 200 scouts from Yamaguchi to Ehime prefecture. I got on one of the buses.

She said “Bus convoy or something. This word was new to me but I could guess its meaning. We staggered buses’ departure times so they were not riding close to each other.

Example sentence with convoy
Bus convoy.jpg

Keeping your coaches1) together while in transit may sound like a great idea but it’s not. Some of the worst accidents involving buses have been due to a convoy. When two coaches carrying 40 plus people are riding2) very close to each other it is a recipe3) for disaster. Most industry experts recommend staggering4) your departure times to put the most amount of distance between your coaches.

Another example sentence with “convoy” is the next.

And they're off! The convoy took off from Frontier to New Brunswick.

bus convoy took off.jpg

When I was young I might see of this poster or the name of this drama. That’s why I can guess this word “convoy

Convoy (1978)
110 min |  Action, Drama  |  10
June 1978 (Japan)
Truckers form a mile long "convoy" in support of a trucker's vendetta5) with an abusive sheriff...Based on the country song of same title by C.W. McCall.


1) coach 〈英〉長距離バス
2) ride 〔自動車が〕~のように走る
3) recipe [résəː]recipe for a disastera ~》〔危険な選択などを評して〕災害のレシピ、惨事を招く行為
4) stagger [stˈægɚ]
5) vendetta [vendéṭə] 長期にわたる不和,抗争

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(433) Inbound and outbound [英単語]

(433) Inbound and outbound

I am going to talk about the words, inbound and outbound.

ɪnbáʊnd]: directed or moving inward or toward a center(交通機関など)市内へ向かう
ʊtbàʊnd]: leaving or departing, traveling away from. (交通機関など)市外に向かう
Outbound is the antonym of outbound.

chicago airport.JPGchicago chicago deparcher.jpgdeparture

I traveled to Boston. I made a trip to the United States with my daughter from July 8 to 14. I flew from Narita to Chicago, then changed planes to Boston. The plane was late. I didn’t know of the reason. The information board said, “Late inbound aircraft arrival.” It was supposed to depart 11:00 am but we had to wait about two hours. This was the first meeting with “inbound”.

On the next day we have two places to visit. We went there by train, MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) Commuter Rail. One of them is located near Natic Center of Framingham/Worcester Line.
natic center.jpgnatic center

We got on the train at Back Bay of Boston. When I saw its schedule information, I maybe saw today’s words, “inbound” and “outbound”.
back bay3.jpgback bay3 back bay2.JPGback bay2

I don’t remember what I saw at Back Bay station, so I checked its schedule on the Internet. I had to select two things. One is Direction and another is timing. The direction has inbound and outbound to click. The timing has Weekday, Saturday, Sunday, and Labor Day. After selecting the two things I pressed "Redisplay" button. Then I can see the train schedule I wanted to see.
This was the second time to see “inbound” and “outbound” on this trip.
schedule information.jpg


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(431) Sun poisoning [英単語]

(431) Sun poisoning

I invited a college student of Illinois to dinner in my house last month. She got sun burnt on her face and arms. “Are you alright? “ I said. She replied it’s OK, but to me her pink skins looked really painful. On the next day I met other college student from Illinois at my friend’s little party. I talked him about her bad sun burn. He said he knew of hers, but another friend had more serious ones on her feet. Because she wore sandals. At that time I heard “sun poisoning” from him. I could guess its meaning but this word was new to me.
sun poisoning.jpg

1. Meaning:

Sun poisoning doesn't really mean you've been poisoned. It is often the term used for a severe case of sunburn. This is usually a burn from ultraviolet (UV) radiation that inflames your skin.

2. How to use this word:

(1) Have sun poisoning
Sun poisoning is no fun! I had it twice. It feels like your skin is crawling with ants and stings so bad. It hurts to have clothing or anything touch your skin. If I take a pink benadryl the swelling and stinging go away. I tried cool showers to try to soothe, and putting the blue gel stuff on it or the green aloe gel on the sunburn helps.
You May Have Sun Poisoning If You Experience Chills, Fever, Or Get Blisters Or A Rash. - See more at:

(2) Get sun poisoning
If you do get sun poisoning there are few ways that you can treat it:
- Apply cold compresses or take a cool bath
- Cover skin with aloe gel or moisturizer
- etc.

(3) Suffering from sun poisoning
Individuals suffering from sun poisoning can experience swelling, blistering, tingling, pain,
and skin redness at the site of irritation.

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(428) 2006-3 grade 1, 21~25 [英単語]

428 2006-3


Shortness of duration; briefness of time;短く、またははかないことの特性/
Today’s post is a very sad one for me to write today but I must write it and try to glean the lessons we can all learn about the brevity of life.



A degree or grade of excellence or worth.(人物の)度量,才幹/
The famous painter’s later pieces were heavily criticized. Many critics said it was amazing that an artist of his caliber could produce such uninspired work.



The act of blaming, criticizing, or condemning as wrong; reprehension.非難,とがめ/
Zimbabwe to escape censure
over abuses in diamond mines



A number representing a comparison between two things.比,比率,割合/
In our classroom example, we might compare the number of boys to the number of girls with the ratio
5 girls : 15 boys. We can drop the labels "girls" and "boys" and simply express the ratio as 5 : 15 if we're careful not to lose the meaning of the ratio.


slap down

To browbeat or reprimand someone harshly, usually in front of other people.〈…を〉強く[荒っぽく]抑える; 拒絶する,/
If opinions are alway slapped down without being heard or considered, you get no new ideas and the person presenting the opinion will no longer have any initiative to participate.

Slap down
slap down.jpg

slip by

to go unnoticed過ぎ去る/
A day can really slip by when you’re
deliberately avoiding what you’re supposed to do.

Slip by
slip by.jpg

patch up

Come to terms〈意見の相違・けんかなどを〉一時的に取り繕う, 静める./
A: Andre you need to patch
your differences with Edward after that argument at yesterday’s
B: Yes, Mr. Smith. I’m sorry. I’ll talk him today.

Patch up
patch up.jpg

tire out

To make someone tired; to exhaust.疲れさせる/
So here are my fool-proof 10 ways to tire out your dog!

Tire up
tire up.jpg

bring up

To raise (children).〈子供を〉育てる/
Around 200,000 grandparents, older siblings, aunts, uncles and other
relatives in the UK are bringing up 300,000 children whose own parents can no longer fulfil the role due to death, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, illness and imprisonment.

Bring up
bring up.jpg

hold down
[ ʊld]

To continue, to hold and to manage well.〈仕事・職を〉維持する/
I really admire Zoe. Even though she has to look after her sick mom she manages both to hold down
a part-time job and volunteer at the community center.

Hold down
hold down.jpg

draw in
[ dr

To attract (groups of people). 〔人を〕引き込む、〔客などを〕集める/
In the early 20th century, companies used hand-drawn illustrations and lengthier narrative formats as marketing strategies to draw in consumers.

Draw in
draw in.jpg

roll over

Make a rolling motion or turn寝返りを打つ./
By around five months most babies can roll over. Usually she’ll favour one side when she starts rolling over – this is completely normal. As she becomes stronger she’ll be able to roll over in both directions.

Roll over
roll over.jpg

kick up
[ kík]

To stir up (trouble), to cause (a disturbance).〈騒動・混乱などを〉巻き起こす./
A: I’m going to speak to the boss about John’s behavior. He’s just so rude.
B: I wouldn’t kick up
a fuss if I were you. I heard that John and the boss are good friends.

Kick up
kick up.jpg

punch in
[ p

Register one's arrival at work  仕事へのその人の到達を登録する/
Traditional punch-in time clocks are being replaced by biometric solutions, some using tablets The idea is to head off so-called "buddy punching" where employee A covers for a late or absent employee B by punching in for them.

Punch in
punch in.jpg

beat up

To give a severe beating to.  (たたいて)〈人を〉ひどい目にあわす,/
Amid ongoing racial tensions in Ferguson, Mo., the Daily Beast reported on a 2009 incident in which city police beat up a wrongfully arrested African-American man and then charged him for getting blood on their uniforms.

Beat up
beat up.jpg

fall off
[ f

To become detached or to drop from. …から落ちる/
There will come a day in every rider’s life when he or she will fall off the horse. Some will find themselves flat on their backs, like I was yesterday, staring up at the sky thinking, “Wow. How’d I get down here?”

Fall off
fall off2.jpg

carve up

To cut into pieces 〈肉を〉小さく切り分ける./
Baskin-Robbins Invites Guests To Carve Up Its Iconic Turkey Ice Cream Cake This Thanksgiving

Carve up
carve up.jpg

wrap up
[ rǽp

Arrange or fold as a cover or protection.  覆いまたは保護として調整するまたは包む/
With all this talk of Mother's Day gifts during "Celebrating MOM",
I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to wrap up all of those lovingly made treasures!

Wrap up
wrap up.jpg

head up

Be the first or leading member of (a group) and excel. 〔組織など〕の長[頭]である、〔組織など〕を率いる/
Simoes, Hylland head up MGS graduating class
The Mrs. Ed. MacKay Memorial Awards for best all-round male and female students at Mary Gardner School were captured by Tyler Hylland and Marissa Simoes
at the school's graduation ceremony recently.

Head up
head up.jpg

take off

to spring into wide use or popularity〔商品が〕急に売れだす、よく売れだす、人気が出る、/
If domestic sales of its new compact eco-car take off, the carmaker plans to introduce the vehicle on the international market.

Take off
take off.jpg


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