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(382) Shane 4 [いいまわし]

Shane 4

7. Good morning, Bob. You’d better eat fast or I’ll do away with your share too.

do away with: 〔不要{ふよう}な物を〕処分{しょぶん}する

9. I throw flat stones across the river.

flat stone.jpg

10. The sun was already well up the sky when I got out of bed the next morning.

well up.jpg

15. “It’s always the same.” He was sort of talking to himself. “The old ways die hard.”

18. First off, now, why don’t you drop into town and get some work clothes. Try Sam Grafton’s store. Tell him to put it on my bill.

First off: 最初に

19. What a man knows isn’t important. It’s what he is that counts.

38. Those were fall days, beautiful and clear.


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(358) 英会話失敗の法則108 [いいまわし]


77. play は球技にしか使えない
But in the first game I cluched. I was playing second base;
― Cheeseburgers, by Bob Greene
play second base:二塁を守る

92. doを使った身近な表現
we would take our shoes off so as not mar the basketball court, and we would do steps such as the Pony or the Jerk to the sound of record or a live band.
― Cheeseburgers, by Bob Greene
do steps:ダンスを踊る。
the Pony:1960年代に流行したダンスの一種
the Jerk:ツィストに似たダンスの一種

101. fix に料理を作るという意味がある
At night, before bed, sometimes I'd fix a snack for myself.
― Cheeseburgers, by Bob Greene
fix a snack:夜食を作る

チーズバーガーズ―Cheeseburgers 【講談社英語文庫】

チーズバーガーズ―Cheeseburgers 【講談社英語文庫】

  • 作者: ボブ・グリーン
  • 出版社/メーカー: 講談社インターナショナル
  • 発売日: 1997/04/01
  • メディア: 文庫

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(355) Cat にかかわる表現 [いいまわし]


1. There isn't room to swing a cat in here.

not enough room to swing a cat〔【語源】17世紀の船員の俗語に由来するもので、catは罰として用いられた九尾のむち(cat-o'-nine-tails)であるとする説や、実際に猫の尾をつかんで振り回したからとする説がある。〕―英辞郎


2. I have  let the cat out of the bag.

3. A cat has nine lives.

100万回生きたねこ (佐野洋子の絵本 (1))

100万回生きたねこ (佐野洋子の絵本 (1))

  • 作者: 佐野 洋子
  • 出版社/メーカー: 講談社
  • 発売日: 1977/10/19
  • メディア: 単行本

cat has nine lives

Prov. Cats can survive things that are severe enough to kill them. (You can also refer to a particular cat's nine lives.) Jill: My cat fell off a third-floor balcony and just walked away. How can he do that? Jane: A cat has nine lives. I think my cat used up one of her nine lives when she survived being hit by that car.
shesurvived being hit by that car とあるが、私の知る限りでは、犬よりも猫のほうが車にはねられて、道路でよく死んでいる。

Why do people say that cats have nine lives?

Some people believe in the superstition that cats have nine lives, because cats can survive falls from high places with few, if any injuries. This gives the appearance that the cats return to life after sustaining a fatal accidents. Granted, they may sustain minor injuries, such as bloody noses, cracked teeth, or a few broken ribs, but they live to recover.

The ability of the cat to survive these accidents that would kill humans or other animals is not due to multiple lives, but to several advantages they possess. Their small size and low body weight soften the impact as they make contact with the ground after falling from great heights.

The highly developed inner ears of cats equip them with an unusually keen sense of balance, which is critical to their landing on their feet. This sense of balance allows a cat falling upside down to right himself by rapidly determining his position, repositioning himself, and making any adjustments necessary to ensure that he lands on all fours.

Since cats land on all four paws, the impact from landing on the ground is absorbed by all four. Additionally, cats bend their legs when they land, which cushions the impact by spreading the impact, not only through bones that could easily break, but through the joints and muscles as well.

Most are surprised to learn that a cat stands a greater chance of survival if it falls from a higher place than from a lower place. New York veterinarians gathered data from their feline patients, which clearly supports this fact. Ten percent of their patients died after falling from 2-6 stories, while only five percent of the fatalities occurred when their patients fell from 7-32 stories

Laws of physics explain why these survival rates vary. All falling bodies, regardless or their masses, accelerate by 22 miles per hour per second of their falls. The falling object, after traveling a certain distance through the air reaches a final speed, or "terminal velocity," because the object’s friction with the air slows the fall. The smaller the object’s mass, and the greater its area, the more it will slow.

A cat falling from a higher floor, after it stops accelerating, spreads its legs into an umbrella shape, which increases the area against which the air must push and increases the friction, thus slowing the cat’s fall. Through the cats highly developed sense of balance, he buys more time to maneuver his body in preparation for landing on all fours. A cat falling from a lower height does not have the opportunity to increase its body’s area, slow its fall, or position his body to land on all four feet.

landing on their feet
ands on all fours
land on all four paws
to land on all four feet
You always manage to fall on your feet, Charlie.

on one's feet:


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(348) Smell [いいまわし]

1. He smelled of tabacco and sweat.
2. But I'm hungry and I smell biscuits.

Longman Active Study Dictionary (Longman Active Study Dictionary of English)

Longman Active Study Dictionary (Longman Active Study Dictionary of English)

  • 作者:
  • 出版社/メーカー: Pearson Longman
  • 発売日: 2010/02/26
  • メディア: ハードカバー
先月買った、Longman Active Study Dictionaryで調べた。この辞書、カラーで写真や、図が多く、めくるのが楽しい。

1. He smelled of tabacco and sweat.
smelled of: to have a paticular smell
―Breakfast at Tiffaney's, Kodansha International, p. 72
smell of tabacco.jpg
2. But I'm hungry and I smell biscuits.
smell: to notice or recognize a smell
―Thomas A. Edison younger inventor, p. 35

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(347) 比喩 [いいまわし]

1. as thin and bony as sparrows
2. quiet  as a mouse
3. widened like saucers

1. Most of the time, he liked them as thin and bony as sparrows, but for three months he went out with a jolly fat girl he called Tons of Fun.
―the invisible city A New York Sketchbook, p118
例文:I don't like sparrows, they're too bony.

ニューヨーク・スケッチブック―A New York sketchbook 【講談社英語文庫】

ニューヨーク・スケッチブック―A New York sketchbook 【講談社英語文庫】

  • 作者: ピート・ハミル
  • 出版社/メーカー: 講談社インターナショナル
  • 発売日: 1990/08
  • メディア: 文庫

2. I won't ask any questions. I'll be as quiet as a mouse.
―Thomas A. Edison Young Inventor
例文:It's as quiet as a mouse up here.
Thomas Edison: Young Inventor (Childhood of Famous Americans Series)

Thomas Edison: Young Inventor (Childhood of Famous Americans Series)

  • 作者: Sue Guthridge
  • 出版社/メーカー: Aladdin
  • 発売日: 1986/10/31
  • メディア: ペーパーバック
3. Her eyes widened like saucers. "You mean like incest?" she asked.
―Erick Segal, Love story, 1990 英光社
例文:eyes as big as saucers, ears like mice


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(337) catch you on the flip side! [いいまわし]

Long-distance truckers

Newsletter February 2012 volume 19 を読んだ。 Ehime University English Education Center が出している無料のチラシで、B4サイズの裏表に英文の記事が載っている。ときどき読んで楽しんでいる。

Catch you on the flip side! の意味は?
⇒I'll contact you on the return trip


Goodbye Ehime University
Timothy (Toby) Curtis
First: thanks for the memories everyone... field trips to Dogo, pizza on the last day of class, Halloween parties, making class magazine and web pages, Nou-bado classes held outdoors, Little Miss Sunshine, inter-office  antics... all part of a very "special" experience.

Second: good luck inthe future! For English language students, please persever, and get out there and use English in the real world. Go abroad! University is one of the best times to travel, and studying in another country can broaden your horizons and do wonders for your English. This past summer, I went to Greece (my first trip to Europe) for two weeks and had a delightful time visiting ancient sites like Parthenon, experiencing Greek culture, food, and music, practicing listening to and speaking the little Greek I studied in college, and of course, island-hopping and relaxing on the beach. You can have your own unique and exciting language-building experience in the exotic location of your choice. And don't forget - English is YOUR language. Just because you were born in Japan doesn't mean that English is a language of "foreigners". Make English a part of you.

Finally: keep in touch! You can find me on Facebook ("Toby Curtis"), Twitter ("tobytimothy"), Mixi ("Toby"), and a myriad of other time-wasting yet addictive social networking sites.
Catch you on the flip side!
field trip:校外学習、校外見学、社会見学、遠足
persever [pə`ːrsəvi'ər]:目的を貫く、やり抜く
do wonders:驚くほど効果がある
island-hopping:Custom Tour Packages & Sightseeing Of All Greek Attractions.
on the beach:
language-building experience:vocabulary building って言葉はある

a myriad of:無数の

The Phrase FinderでCatch you on the flip side!探してみた
flip side of the coinについての質問に答えている文章を読むと、そこにflip side of the coinの説明があった。 このサイトかなり気に入った!
: : : : : : : : : : : What is the meaning and origin of "flip side"? Thanks.

: : : : : : : : : : It comes, I believe, from those old-fashioned things (pre-CD, pre-tape, pre-reel-to-reel, and pre-8-track tape) called records -- used to be played on record players. The disks have two sides -- on a 45 RPM disk, sides A & B. The song that the record company wanted to promote most heavily would go on the A side. So when a DJ played that side, he'd (they were always "he" back then) sometimes say, "And now on the flip side...", and play side B, the lesser known track.

: : : : : : : : : Oh, Lord, I'm getting old.

: : : : : : : : Me, too. Oy. There is another use of flip side, derived from the gone-and-best-forgotten CB radio fad of the '70s, (Do they still exist?) Long-distance truckers, and trucker wannabes, speaking from truck-to-truck. "Catch you on the flip side" was CB slang for "I'll contact you on the return trip" ... the metaphor of a record turning being applied to you trip from Point B back to A.

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(330) 雪が降り始めた [いいまわし]

It began to snow. とか言ったかな?

[+ -ing verb] Jane has just begun learning to drive.
[+ to infinitive] After waiting for half an hour she was beginning to get angry.

ネット(on the Web)で調べてみた。
・When does it usually begin snowing in Leavenworth WA? What are some fun activities?
・When does it begin to snow in Michigan?

No Room AT THe Holiday Inn - Oh No
And It's Beginning To Snow

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(313) Ferryboat Boarding Guides [いいまわし]

(1) high tourist seasons: 多客期
(2) about 30 minutes ahead of the departure: 出航の30分程度前には
(3) arrive 60 minutes in advance: 60分前に到着する
(4) 1 hour before your departure: 出航の1時間前に
(5) automobile inspection certification: 車検証
(6) fellow passengers: 同乗者
(7) interior of the ship: 船内


(1) Reservations are required, especially during the high tourist seasons.
high tourist seasons: 旅行シーズン真っ盛り

(2) Please arrive at the boarding waiting room about 30 minutes ahead of the departure.

(3) Please arrive 60 minutes in advance for Okinawa routes ・・・・・・

days in advance

(4) Please arrive at the appointed boarding parking lot 1 hour before your departure.

ほかの例 Please be at your Departure Gate at least 20 minutes before the schduled time of departure, otherwise you may not be accepted for travel.

(5) automobile inspection certification
Be  sure to come to the boarding procedure window with an automobile inspection certificate.

(6) fellow passengers
Please enter all fellow passengers names, including children who do not require fare, on the application form.

(7) interior of the ship
Please move your car to the interior of the ship according to guidance broadcasts and the guidance of an official in charge.

ほかの例 There were no noticeable doors into the craft or into the interior of the ship from the corridor. ―INSIDE THE ALIEN SHIP

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(311) head-over-heels [いいまわし]

turn head-over-heels.jpg
head over heels
: in or as if in a somersault、真っ逆さまに

クマのプーさん Winnie-the-Pooh

  • 作者: A.A.ミルン
  • 出版社/メーカー: 講談社インターナショナル
  • 発売日: 1997/04/01
  • メディア: 文庫

    I found a book, Japanese translation of "Winnie-the-Pooh" at a used bookstore. After buyng the book, I returned my car. Then from the radio of my car a music was played, its singer's name or its title was introduced "head over heels". I was a little surprised because I was thinking of the phrase "head over heels" appearing in a book "Winnie-the-Pooh.  

    1. he explained, as he turned head-over-heels, and crashed on to another branch thirty feet below,
    もんどりうつ:翻筋斗打つ、(考えてみれば、ふしぎな日本語だ。意味はturn a somersault)

    2. And Christopher Robin and Rabbit and  all Rabbit's friends and relations went head-over-heels backwards...and on top of them came Winnie-the-Pooh ―free!
    でんぐり返し:ひっくり返る(これも不思議な日本語、tumble, turn a somersault)

    クマのプーさん (岩波少年文庫 (008)) [単行本]
    A.A.ミルン, E.H.シェパード, Alan Alexander Milne, Ernest Howard Shepard, 石井 桃子

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    (292) love letterクイズ [いいまわし]




    The love letter
    Once there was a boy who loved a girl very much. The girl's father, however, did not like the boy and did not want their love to grow. The boy wanted to write the girl a love letter, but he was sure that the girl's father would read it first. At last he wrote this letter to the girl.
      The girl's father read the letter. He was pleased, and then gave the letter to his daughter.
      The girl read the letter and was very happy. The boy still loved her! Do you know why she was pleased? She and the boy had a secret way of writing to each other. Can you guess?

    (1) The great love I said I have for you
    (2) is gone, and I find my dislike for you
    (3) increases every day. When I see you
    (4) I do not even like the way you look;
    (5) the one thing I want to do is to
    (6) look the other way. I never wanted to
    (7) marry you. Our last conversation
    (8) was very dull and in no way has
    (9) made me anxious to see you again.
    (10) You think only of yourself.
    (11) If we were married, I know that I would find
    (12) life very difficult, and I would have no
    (13) pleasure in living with you. I have a heart
    (14) to give, but it is not a heart
    (15) I want to give you. No one is more
    (16) demanding or selfish than you. and less
    (17) able to care for me and be of help to me.
    (18) I sincerely want you to understand that
    (19) I speak the truth. You will do me a favor
    (20) if you consider this the end. Do not try
    (21) to answer this. Your letters are full of
    (22) things that do not interest me. You have no
    (23) true concern for me. Good-bye! Believe me,
    (24) I do not care for you. Please do not think
    (25) I am still your loving friend.
    love to grow:愛が深まる
    look the other way:向こうを向く、そっぽを向く、
    in no way: 少しも[全く・ぜんぜん・決して]~ない
    demanding or selfish :〔人が〕要求{ようきゅう}[注文{ちゅうもん}]が多い[厳しい]


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